Brian was born at a very early age and in pretty much the same way as most children.
It all started on a bitter cold day in February of 1970. Soon afterwards things turned towards the BIZARRE! A path which took him from a normal child to becoming...

Since that time Brian began performing professionally in 1989. Specializing in Children and Family Shows, Brian has become a performing chameleon... giving him the ability to adapt his entertaining skills for all ages  allowing him to blend-in with any audience. 

Over the past 25 years Brian has performed for literally thousands of audiences around Southwest Michigan in a variety of venues and has earned him the title of...
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Raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Brian knew at a very early age that his calling was entertaining.

He soon began performing for the "neighborhood kids." He later discovered the local magic shop (The Timid Rabbit) where he spent much of his spare time and spare change honing his magical skills with the tutelage of his mentor and shop owner,Master Magician Antony Gerard.
"Not a recent photo"
A few past clients with cool logos that I was able tcopy and paste!